Behind The Scenes on a Wedding Photo Shoot

I thought you would like to see some behind the scenes shots of one of my fabulous Makeup Artists & Hair Stylists Louise doing an amazing job. 
I am very proud of the work Louise has produced over the years for 

Carli Adby was kind enough to share these behind the scenes photos of her bridal shoot with us. 
Her work is amazing as you can see in the vibrancy in the colours. 

The studio that we used and that we highly recommend was:
Rob is an amazing photographer and is the owner of studio 88. 
(You can hire the studio for shoots like Carli did for her amazing bridal shoot.) 

I hope you enjoy some the finished photos as much as we did. Great work to my fabulous Louise on hair and makeup! :-)

- Nadine xx

We do many photo shoots through out the year, covering fashion, editorials & publications and even corporate.  

Below is some recent fun we had on a lovely bridal photo shoot. 

Posted on August 31, 2015 .